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Cedar shakes to vinyl siding

I will be inheriting a 60 year slat box that has cedar shake siding with no insulation. What's the usual procedure in changing over to aluminum or vinyl siding and insulating? Do the cedar shakes get removed.

Which is better aluminum or vinyl"

Timothy Miller
Re: Cedar shakes to vinyl siding

Howdy you can remove the shingles or side over them. Adding an inch of foam insulation board would be great but this alson means extending window and door jambs. So allot of siding companies add a very thin insulation then siding that does little to hel. How about having blown in fiberglass insulation installed in the walls before you reside . The holes cut into the existing siding are simply plugged after insulation is installed and then sided. Make sure you have no know an tub wiring in the walls before you insulate to avoid fires as the knob and tub wiring need air space to stop from overheating and fires...

Re: Cedar shakes to vinyl siding

correct, when it comes time to fur out the windows. install the foam first on all walls then cut out a 2" section around all windows then measure the depth from the face of the foam to the sheathing. then add 1 1/2". this will be your new depth, build this out with ripped 2x stock then clad it with aluminum.

this is standard procedure.. by doing this you will have the correct depth for trim to which j channel can be installed and still allow a proper edge to caulk to

Re: Cedar shakes to vinyl siding

Please don't do this to your neighbors. Why make a nice house look like it belongs in a trailer park. Read why here:


Re: Cedar shakes to vinyl siding

Cedar shakes are installed in the same concept on a roof or the side of the house. What you will need is a flat bar and lots of patience and time, possible a short handled shingle removel shovel. I would do the blown in first no matter what siding you put up! You could cover the plugs after you side. If at all possible I would try to repair the damaged sections of cedar. In the long run this would look the best and possibly save you the most amount of work. If you can not find matching cedar shakes try to very very carfully to remove them from one small inconspicuous side and then start that side fresh with all new siding. Using this product you could to repair or patch work. This would be very tiedious. If you go with vinal you would not only have to fir out the windows, but should be wrapped with aluminum. Depending on the amount of openings this could take alot of time for some one that does not do this regularly. I just resided my house and wrapped my windows and it took all summer, but I had 3 kids to keep busy. If you change to vinal you could easily loose the curb apeal and probably decrease the value of your home....decisions decisions

Re: Cedar shakes to vinyl siding

i can attest for how nasty vinyl looks, ive installed siding on roughly 60 homes, about 20 being vinyl, the rest being wood or harti plank. of these homes the vinyl has the least character of any. we do quite a bit to dress it up by using azek for trim and various custom trim elements to set it apart but even still vinyl looks terrible.

the 3 key things that make people buy vinyl are,
1) one of the cheapest types of siding
2) no big expensive tools required to cut or install
3) lowest maintenance

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