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caulking wood siding

Should wood siding on the bottom side be caulk prior to paint

Re: caulking wood siding

We just finished the siding on our house and we did not caulk the bottom of the siding, but we did nail the bottom down with a Brad nailer. My husband and I have caulked any open hole and all the siding on the edges and around all the windows. Because if the wind blows the rain it will find a way in and we just had 80 mph winds and it blew the rain sideways.


J Roper
Re: caulking wood siding

Absolutly, posivitivley, never, ever caulk under the laps on lap siding. One reason is it makes the wall too air tight and will cause mold to form inside the wall. Another reason is that it is a major movement point during expansion and contraction during temperature changes.
I have seen huge problems created from cauking under the laps, over the years. Architectural engeneers will all agree. Around doors, windows, butt joints of the sidng, sooits and fascias, and corner boards; yes ... under the laps; NEVER!

Re: caulking wood siding

I agree with J Roper, No, you do not calk the laps.

Re: caulking wood siding

Have a know-it-all friend do that to his cedar sided house. He thought he knew it all and couldn't be persuaded to leave well enough alone.

His paint peeled after two years and many of the shakes curled and/or split.

Don't do it.


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