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Caulking when rain is possible

I know you're not supposed to caulk when rain is expected in the next 72 hours, but the east coast has the *possibility* of rain predicted for the next 10 days, and I really need to get started on the caulking of a house so that it can get painted. So far it seems like the rain has been quick passing showers now and then, not steady rain, and thats whats predicted for the next 10. Do I need to worry about this? Will rain actually cause the caulk to fail, or will it just increase the curing time?

Re: Caulking when rain is possible

To borrow from Goldhiller's "it depends" answer..... :D

A couple of "IF's"....

If it has time to "skin over" and if you don't experience a deluge (although we have had a few of those - I'm also on the east coast), and if you can allow for the extra curing time....

I would go for it and savor the experience of living on the edge!!

Just inspect it before painting to make sure it has fully cured and hasn't been washed out by the rain.

If you do get a good rain before it has a chance to skin over chances are it will thin out and you will have to redo it.

Re: Caulking when rain is possible

thanks BP! I was hoping someone would say that. ;)

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