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caulking a shower

I need to remove the caulk around the bottom of my shower walls. Is there any type of chemical that I can use to make it easier to remove? I sc****d it off about five years ago and re caulk it due to mold, there is mold again.

Re: caulking a shower

Sorry, you'll have to do it again. There are hand tools to make your job a little easier, but basically, it's all labor.

Treat the area with bleach and use mold resistant caulking.

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Re: caulking a shower

lastly, make sure that the crease is 110% dry prior to putting the caulk on. i sometimes use a hair dryer or heat gun to dry out the crease that you can't access with a rag or paper towels.

Re: caulking a shower

Thank you so much I will use the hair dryer this time to make sure it's dry.

Re: caulking a shower

Be sure to use only 100% silicone. Not siliconized latex. Latex is mold food. You can order grout matching silicone in sanded or unsanded in any of 300 grout matching colors from www.ColorRiteInc.com

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