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caulking over new caulking

I've got a large space, about 1/4", where my bathtub tiles almost reach the floor tiles. I'm filling that with flexible caulking but I only have a limited amount that will match the existing grout on the tiles above.

My question: can I fill in the majority of this space with a different colored flexible caulking, which will not be visible, let it cure, then apply the matching, limited amount caulking over that?

I'm concerned this thinner top layer may not adhere to the thicker bottom layer.

Re: caulking over new caulking

yes you can do that but if the hole is deep enough they make a foam strip that can be cut to size that can be used behind the caulking to fill the large gap. all big box stores sell it.

Re: caulking over new caulking

You can if you are using a compatible caulk, but that is not the best way to do it. Your hardware/home store should have a closed cell flexible and compressible foam rope or filler material. The best material would be the square type, but you might have to do with the round type. Use it to fill the gap and then use your caulk to go over it. Note, this is not the soft open cell foam used as temporary weatherstripping. It is fairly firm, like the stuff used in packing material.

Sand filled caulks to mimic grout are readily available, so I'm guessing that you must have had some custom made to match the color of your grout. You could use another color sanded caulk, say white, underneath and your colored sanded caulk on top, but the foam filler would be the best. That is how the pros do it.

Re: caulking over new caulking

Thanks to both MLBSF and Keith3267 for the rope/foam filler suggestion. That's what I'll try.

Re: caulking over new caulking

DAP also makes a filler, which comes in a roll. It's a little harder than putty, but it's just like caulking - and I don't remember the name. Look for it in the caulking department. Basically it acts as a base, to which you apply your finish caulking. I've been using it for years with good results.

Re: caulking over new caulking

ColorRite makes grout matching caulk in 140 different grout colors in both sanded and unsanded. Use 100% silicone so it will not mold

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