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Caulking around doors and where aluminum siding meets the eaves

So my house has aluminum siding, and along the top of the sides that go up to the peak of the roof, there was (very old, cracked, rock-hard) latex caulk where the siding meets the eaves (see photo). Anyway, removing all that old latex caulk was a major pain in the you-know-what, not to mention my wrist/hand. I finally found a caulk remover that actually worked on it, so now all the old caulk is removed and I am almost done re-caulking. I used 100% silicone because I never want to remove and replace the caulk again. By the time this stuff is ready for replacement, hopefully I'll have moved to a different place. However, now I am second-guessing myself, and I am wondering - did I make a mistake on the caulk I used? The guy at my local hardware store recommended siliconized latex when I stopped by to pick up 1 last tube for the job, but I had already finished almost all of it using the silicone. I chose silicone because I wanted it to be flexible, waterproof, and because in spite of latex caulk being "easier to remove", well, I spent days painfully removing the old latex caulk and it was not even remotely easy. Kinda too late to change anything now, but just for my future knowledge. Thanks!

Re: Caulking around doors and where aluminum siding meets the...

Pure silicone is not a bad caulk once in place, however, it has a couple draw backs: Most pure silicone caulks cannot be painted. The paint will simply not stick to it and will bead up. Secondly, every caulk eventally fails. New silicon caulk will not stick to the residue of old silicone caulk. That residue must be totally removed. Unfortunately, I know of no good solvent to get rid of the residue.

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