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Dan H.
Caulking an Acrylic Tub-Shower unit

I recently re-caulked a sectional acrylic tub-shower unit using a color matched acrylic latex caulk that dries to a glossy finish. The job turned out great, except that after a few days, it seems as if the caulk has recessed back into the joint about 1/8-3/16". In addition, a few tiny shrinkage cracks have begun to appear, most about 1/16" long - none longer than 3/32".

With this type of caulk, would it adviseable to apply a SECOND layer over the first, both to fill the small shrinkage cracks and to bring the caulk out closer to the surfaces? This shower has not been used since, so the caulk is still clean, although it has cured.

Re: Caulking an Acrylic Tub-Shower unit


I'm gonna stick my neck and say, "yes". I'm fairly sure the new layer will adhere to the previous, but I'll also say....."git 'er done". The sooner the better, me thinks. For sure before any soap film gets on that first application.

Re: Caulking an Acrylic Tub-Shower unit

You might consider calling the customer service number for the manufacturer and ask them the proper procedure. If the new layer of caulk doesn't stick right it could cause a lot of problems.

Re: Caulking an Acrylic Tub-Shower unit

i always use 100% silicone caulk. it works the best i believe for water tight joints

Re: Caulking an Acrylic Tub-Shower unit

One thing you need to look out for caulking over is not to just put it over the bad spot. You need to continue the bead a good bit past the bad sopt. Ideally you might be better off to recaulk the entire thing. Some caulking will fray at the end of the bead you put over the old one and this will eventually leak. I also think you might want to call the manufacturer and see what they say.

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