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Re: cats in my gardens - help!
bp21901 wrote:

Hey Spruce.....

Looks like I have to go back to the large hungry dog on a chain. :D

This is the reaction 10 minutes after I spread about 10 coffee filters worth of grounds around this new mulch. Maybe it has to be de-caf? One of the cats was actually laying on a pile of grounds. The kicker is they weren't there when I spread the grounds out, the smell seemed to attract them!

I rest my case . :D

A. Spruce
Re: cats in my gardens - help!

Of course it doesn't work when you spread the grounds over cat nip! ;):D

Interesting, it's always worked well for me. Try a heavier application of the grounds. It's never made a difference whether the grounds were new or used, but in your case you may also want to try new grounds - just buy the cheapest coffee you can find.

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

Maybe its an east coast cat vs west coast cat kind of thing. Or maybe the coffee (Folgers) is too cheap to be effective. I hope I don't have to start buying Starbucks level to make it work!

SWMBO got a good laugh out of it since she didn't believe it would work from the start. I have been saving the coffee grounds since I saw your suggestion in the mag. We just got a pickup load of mulch and spread it around yesterday. This morning when I made coffee I set the old grounds by the door so I wouldn't forget to spread them around on the new mulch. Finally got around to it this afternoon and spread the grounds around in this one flower bed. Now keep in mind that there is another mulched flower bed right on the other side of the set of steps in the picture which didn't get any grounds. Came back outside about ten minutes later and there were two of the cats laying right where I just put the grounds. I don't ever remember seeing the cats lay there before, they usually lay on the deck against the house in the sun. I had dropped a clump of grounds on the brick walkway at the bottom of the steps and a third cat was sitting, you guessed it, right on top of the clump of grounds.

I think I've been punk'ed! :eek: :D

Re: cats in my gardens - help!


Re: cats in my gardens - help!

I had the same problem in my front yard.
I bought lava rock & just sprinkled in thru the flowers, no more cats in the flower bed-it has been 3 years & still no cats in the yard.
The moth ball stinks to much & really did not work with the cats.
Good luck

Re: cats in my gardens - help!
ginnybydesign wrote:

The coffee grounds are a great idea and also act as an acidic fertilizer, especially good for roses. Any other type of ground cover is also good. Sweet Woodruff spreads readily, has tiny white flowers in spring and pretty shape to leaves. Cats like open areas to scratch. The ground cover will prevent even one paw from getting thru to the soil. Careful though. Many ground covers are invasive and may need to be either contained by edging, thinned out or completely cut/pulled. A nugget type mulch works well too. Cats don't like walking on lumpy ground.

Sorry, but I've watched the feral cats, dig through grass, walk on lumpy ground, etc. trust me that's a myth!

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

I'm having the same problem with the outdoor cats, they didn't start until my husband made a large mound of soil at the end of the garden. We did put up small tins (from pot pies) tied to the fencing. Takes care of all but one persisent little cuss, I through about netting over the top until the plants get big enough to survive on their own. Coffee grinds don't work, because it didn't keep them away from my roses bushes, though now they like to hide & sleep in them & not soil them. I guess I can eliminate the idea of black pepper since so many others have tried it & it didn't seem to work. As maybe if I can find small enough wind chimes? (And they ignore my dogs). Any advice?
(& water doesn't work either - these cats will stand out in the rain). I thought there was a certain plant that deters them?:eek:

M He Sapa
Re: cats in my gardens - help!

They are not found of the smell of rue. I have found mulching with entire stems of herbs makes the area unattractive to lie or scratch in (when the oregano begins to take over the world) also nut hulls seem unattractive. If you have a really large pot, such as a tree comes in, you might try filling that part-way with fine peat moss and placing it in a dry, out-of-the way place. It is so soft, I've found cats prefer it to any other area. best, M


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