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Re: cats in my gardens - help!

The coffee grounds are a great idea and also act as an acidic fertilizer, especially good for roses. Any other type of ground cover is also good. Sweet Woodruff spreads readily, has tiny white flowers in spring and pretty shape to leaves. Cats like open areas to scratch. The ground cover will prevent even one paw from getting thru to the soil. Careful though. Many ground covers are invasive and may need to be either contained by edging, thinned out or completely cut/pulled. A nugget type mulch works well too. Cats don't like walking on lumpy ground.

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

Coyotes will work, too.

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

chicken wire layed down with a thin layer of mulch on it will keep them from digging.....and the large HUNGRY dog on a long chain will tahe care of the slow learners

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

R there particular plants that these furry little friends prefer?
If so, you can change out those certain plants, I know they do like grasses, especially low lying types. I have lost a good few flox this way. I know it sounds mean, but i have tried the chicken wire gate, didn't work, on all types, so i cut strips of the wire and placed it standing straight up like a stake, no more cats, but they will find a new place, moth balls i've heard, but never tried

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

my father spreads mothballs around his garden to keep the cats out. He claims it has worked for him. But, he also does the coffee ground thing so that could be what is doing the trick. Good luck! Personally, I like the big dog idea!

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

I went to Home Depot and purchased Cacti. It did the trick for a while. The cats hated being pricked.

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

Moth balls can also be effective, but the life is short in an open area. The ammonia burns the noses.

Or.... an aggressive dog on a long chain.

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

Hi- try any clear plastic bottle filled with water. the cats do not like the way the light reflects through the bottles. the bottles serve another purpose as well, the sun warms the water and can be used as a thermal heater against the cold plants in winter. good luck!

Re: cats in my gardens - help!

A cat using my yard as a litter box will be dealt with harshly . I'll be darned if I'm going to erect fencing or netting , remove plants that attract them , or alter MY lifestlye in any way to accomodate THEM . I have a humane trap and have " relocated " about half a dozen over the years .
They are a nuisance , a health hazard , and their owners are violating the local leash laws .

Little Cabbage
Re: cats in my gardens - help!

I have used the chicken-wire set under a few inches of mulch for many, many years. It works great under my large azalea beds and other perennials. It's trickier to keep the varmints out of annuals, but have also used bits of chicken wire there.

Why on earth are people allowed to have 'pets' which invade their neighbors' yards, kill songbirds, and leave filth?!?! A trap sounds like a great idea to me!


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