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A. Spruce
Re: cat-proof screens?

Hay Sprucey, wouldn't giving an indoor cat caffeine be almost as exciting as hitting a golf ball in a tile bathroom.:eek:

Yes, only more fun to watch! :p;)

Re: cat-proof screens?

Well, as the faithful servant to no less than (6) of the little buggers for the last (10) yrs.
or so I actually do have a remedy for your screen problem BELIEVE ME I can say been there done that!!
go to your local home depot and purchase a pet fence charger for SMALL animals make sure your screen
is the aluminum variety or this will not work attach the charger close enough to the screen so that
you can attach a small insulated ( covered) wire to the screen all you have to do is strip the end
& insert a few strands out through it and loop back in and give it a couple of twists attach other end
to charger plug it in sit back and prepare to laugh it doesn't hurt (tried it myself) BUT,IT WILL
GET THEIR ATTENTION usually only takes once or twice except for my cat Rusty, he's stubborn so he
did it (3) times for several screens just daisy chain off your first one if you have enough wire
your can do the whole house it works for the garden too but you have to put up (2) or (3) strands

Hope this helps,
[email protected]

Re: cat-proof screens?

If you say so , But I rate clipping cat claws right up there with giving your cat a pill...
ask me how that works, not to good, have the scars to prove it BUT, If it works for you
I think thats great but, if a dog gets after them it's a lot harder for them to climb if
their claws are not long enough or sharp so they can dig in that's why I am absolutely
against de-clawing it's their defense weapon,escape tool and helps them snag their food
but, if their indoor animals it really doesn't matter

Take It Easy,


Re: cat-proof screens?

Clipping cat claws isn't hard once you learn how - especially if you start early. My cats don't like it, but they tolerate it.

On the screens, I haven't found a great solution, but I've seen these things that are "aerators" or sort of metal slats instead of screens. I've thought about trying them to deal with the cats.


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