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Cat Casket

I have a 19 year old cat so while searching the web I saw pet caskets so I thought I would try my hand at one. I use pine boards and ply wood for the lid and bottom .

Re: Cat Casket

Whatever happened to the time honored cardboard box for deceased pets.

Re: Cat Casket

guppster13 it looks like you did a very nice job.

ed21 I think I would rather put the effort on a casket for our pets than some of my relatives.

Re: Cat Casket

Nice job guppster....

Here in Maine me and the missus always use an old tool box....kinda ties in with the DIY theme, ya know what I mean???

Besides they have a nice carrying handle, and the top tips open for a nice display......if it's a real big cat we can usually get 'er in there if we fold 'em once.

When the ground's too hard for a winter dig we keep 'em in the downstairs freezer till the spring thaw.

".....don't wanna end up in a carton in a cartoon graveyard.......bonedigger,bonedigger......get these mutts away from me........I can be your long lost pal........

Re: Cat Casket

great job! you can start your own pet casket business now :)

Re: Cat Casket

Just curious, are you going to use it right away or are you going to let the cat die first?

Re: Cat Casket

I always swore I didn't want house pets. About 4 years ago my then college student son changed that when we found he had been neglecting his pet cat. He stayed gone all the time and only filled her food and water dish on a weekly basis. We took pity on the poor thing and took her home with us. After the adjustment period she became a part of the family. Now we don't feel disposing of her after she's lived a natural life with us and passed away, in a cardboard box or burlap bag would be right.
As said by guppster13, a few pine boards and an afternoon's work will allow us to bury her with dignity and respect.

Re: Cat Casket

No comment.

Re: Cat Casket

Long time ago I built a nice box for my 24" long #7 Jointer plane. When the time came, it was the coffin for my cat. Loki deserved something hand-made, he was one cool cat.
Current cat, probably not so much.

Re: Cat Casket
keith3267 wrote:

Just curious, are you going to use it right away or are you going to let the cat die first?

Exactly what I was thinking!
We dig a hole,and throw em' in. They're dead,they don't care. I told my wife that when I die buy the cheapest coffin possible. I won't mind.

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