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Cast Iron Drain Piping Clog

The drain line from our washing machine has a blockage and backs up every time the machine goes to drain. The washing machine is installed in the kitchen and backs up immediately (within 10 seconds). The kitchen sink ties into the same drain line and we have only noticed a backup once in the sink during the entire time we have noticed the backups from the washing machine. 

A couple plumbers have mentioned a lint trap that is installed in washer drain line upstream of where the sink joins and said that since we have a high efficiency washer there is a likelihood that the trap is clogged from the excessive lint these machines create. We had one plumber attempt to clear the line with a snake, but still continue to experience the backup during wash cycles.

I've been told our next options are to either use a water jet to try to blast away the blockage or to cut out the trap and/or piping completely and install new. I'm hesitant to try the water blast as we have cast iron piping (installed in 1962) and I was told by one plumber that the cast iron most likely won't hold up to the pressure. The company that wants to try the water jet says the cast iron piping is good for up to 100 years and will be fine.

I just don't want to waste the money gambling on the water jet if we are guaranteed to cause more problems. I'm also debating on whether or not to replace only the lint trap or to have all of the cast iron piping replaced since I may be likely to see a blockage at some point down the line. My budget is tight and all of the replacement quotes are pretty pricey.

Any advice?

Re: Cast Iron Drain Piping Clog

The drian was installed in  1962 and I would guess it is 1½ inch, most never washing machines require a 2 inch drain.




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