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Cast Aluminum Standing Mailbox

I have painted this box twice now.The problem is the aluminum starts I guess you would call oxidation beneath the paint and makes a fine white powder.Does anyone have a solution for some sort of primer coating to prevent the problem so the paint will not peel.Thank You:(:confused:

Re: Cast Aluminum Standing Mailbox


Aluminum does not accept paint without some preparation. You can etch it with acid or you can get a self-etching primer.

Re: Cast Aluminum Standing Mailbox

Thank You Sir.

Re: Cast Aluminum Standing Mailbox

It’s really great to know the information about self-etching primer, but I think you should know about the quantity of solution you have to add while painting.

Re: Cast Aluminum Standing Mailbox

i don't know if this applies to aluminum,but it works for galvanized metal.
wipe the surface with white vinegar, then wipe down with water or denatured alcohol & let dry. the vinegar is a mild acid & will etch the metal.
i got this tip from a professional painter friend & never had a problem.

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