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Carpet Tile Over Concrete In Basement

I'm looking into putting carpet tile in my basement with the thought that if any isolated leaks or stains occur, I can just replace a few tiles. My worry is the hard, cracked, uneven concrete. The floor has a pretty drastic slope from one side of the basement to the other. This in itself I can deal with but it's a pretty uneven surface that I think would be noticeably wavy once the carpet tile is down. There are also small cracks along the joints but I don't want to replace the whole slab.

Overall the basement is dry, so to tackle the uneven surface and cracks I was thinking about coating with self-leveling cement. Of course this won't correct the slope from one side of the room to the other but hopefully it can still be used to fill the cracks and wavyness.

I'm also looking for a solution to make the carpet tile more comfortable instead of feeling like you're still walking on concrete. Are there any padding/underlayment products that work well over concrete to give the carpet a little softness?

Re: Carpet Tile Over Concrete In Basement

If you want to pour some self leveling concrete, do it slowly, so that it doesn't go to the low spot. There are other patching products that you can use to fill little holes, like fix all or presto (I think that's the name). Inquire at flooring outlets.

About the padding: I think you can get square/rectangular pieces of carpeting with padding in them. Keep in mind that padding and carpeting alone won't make the imperfections in the concrete go away.

Re: Carpet Tile Over Concrete In Basement

I will look into the padded carpet tile. I'm not sure what it's called but I think i've seen a plastic dimpled board that someone used before laying tile or hardwood. Any idea what it's called or if it might even be suitable for this project? I was thinking of using this after self-leveling concrete to give a little spacing for any future moisture so if a leak occurs it can get to a drain instead of just soaking everything.

Re: Carpet Tile Over Concrete In Basement

For installing the carpet tiles at your sloppy basement, first your subfloor should be 1.5 inches thick. You should placed the reinforced with plywood. Then use the laser leveling meter for finding the exact center. Then place the carpet tiles along the reference lines. It would be better that you should talk with contractors.

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