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Paul J
Care of Hydrangea's

I'm putting in 2-3 Hydrangea's is there anything I should put in the hole(s) before I put in the plants? I am in Climate zone 7. On the card that came with the plants, it says, "that they are hardy for zones 5-9!" Someone told me, "that they require lots of sun and water." Both of which they'll get. When do I cut them back and how short??:cool:

Re: Care of Hydrangea's

They do like a moist soil, but usually do better with protection from the hot afternoon sun. They don't need to be pruned other than to shape them if you want. Always prune them after they bloom. If you do it in the fall you will cut off next years bloom. The newer ever-blooming varieties can be pruned more or less anytime, but they will bloom later if you cut them in the fall.
Ammend the soil with lots of compost. Some water grabbing polymer added to the soil would probably help keep them from wilting in the heat, but don't over do it. Follow the instructions.
One other thing is a lot of hydrangias sold for mother's day may not be bud hardy and will never bloom, but it doesn't sound like that's what you bought.

Paul J
Re: Care of Hydrangea's

Dear ed21,

Thanks for the response! I may have over-stated my dilemma; I have NOT actually purchased any plants yet. I went back to two of the places that "seemed" helpful yesterday. But, today they didn't seem as sure...

My home faces South and I do get alot of afternoon sun. There are no trees around to block any sun. Everything I have read says, "sun to partial sun." The two places I've gone to, both have stated, "that they'll grow as long as they don't dry out and don't prune them after August!" Both places have lots of trees protecting their plants and bushes and flowers. I next, asked them, "if there are any guarantees, in case they don't grow or blossom?" No guarantees, whatsoever...Needless, to say, I didn't buy from either of them; I guess I was too nervous.

What other reccomendations do you propose?

Thanks again...

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