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Car exhaust type smell from sink


We are having a weird problem in our bathroom. When we haven't used it for a couple of hours, then flush the toilet a weird smell comes up out of the sink. It's not a sewer gas yucky smell. It's more like car exhaust. Really weird! We live in Washington State, it's pretty mild this summer. 65-80 degrees or so. The house was built in the 40's and completely remodeled before we bought it 3 years ago. Haven't had any problems until now. Any ideas??


Timothy Miller
Re: Car exhaust type smell from sink

Howdy, is your garage attached to the house? Is your sink vented threw the roof or a vacum no stack vent?
Consider checking the sink waste plumbing by running water into the sink to ensure the P or S trap is energised then flush see if same smell. Got a CO2 detector, plug it in the bath and see if it is CO2. Simply first pour a cup of Vinigar into the sink and 1/3rd cup into the sink overflow the cleansing action of vinigar may resolve the odor.

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