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Can't seal metal entry door

Hello, this is my first post and sorry if this has been asked before. I did search but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have a metal pre-hung entry door and I think my problem may be because of settling, its been there for 32 years. I can see lots of sunshine coming through between the door and frame and have replaced the stripping but makes little difference. The crack is larger at the bottom than the top. When I view it from the outside I see the door does not butt up against the stripping from the door knob down but fits somewhat better from the door knob up. I need a solution other than a new door since I am unemployed and on a tight budget. The ray of sunshine comes through all the way around the door but much more so at the bottom half and new stripping doesn't help. Thanks ahead for any advice.

Re: Can't seal metal entry door

sounds like you need to re-hang or re-shim the door, take a level and see if the door or the jamb is out of level, then take off the case on what is not level and shim, check with the door closed to see if this closes the gap, then insulate between the stud and jamb & put the casing back on.

A. Spruce
Re: Can't seal metal entry door

The door may be bowed, the frame out of plumb, or both. You can purchase weather strip that screws into place and doesn't look too bad, really. It comes in aluminum, white, and bronze finish. With the door closed, you install it where the rubber strip just contacts the door.

Re: Can't seal metal entry door

Thanks everyone, this gets me started.

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