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Can't get rid of tree stump

I have tried just about everything to get rid of this tree stump. First I dug around the base of the stump, and cut all the roots to the stump. After I did that I tried to pull the stump out by using a lawn tractor. Now I'm stuck digging and digging and trying to get any new roots I find. If anyone has a better way to get rid of this stump, I'm opened to try it.
P.S: I was saving the option to call in a company to remove the stump as a last resort.

Re: Can't get rid of tree stump

pick yourself up a 3/4 spade bit and some 3/4" copper pipe, drill a bunch of holes in the stump then drive the copper into it, this will allow air and water to get into the stump which will rot it out much faster

Re: Can't get rid of tree stump

you could rent a stump grinder, also you could but some stump killer at lowes or home dep.

Timothy Miller
Re: Can't get rid of tree stump

Howdy try adding a sack of high concentrate nitrogen fertilizer to the top of the next stump it will decompose fast. I simply addes dirt and burried 3 stumps and planted some day lillies and iris on top. In two years the stumps have mostly wasted away and the flowers are thriving. Year ago had a big one 6' diameter and 2.5 foot out of the gound so i got the interlocking pavers and surrounded it and filled the gap and on top with dirt. It was a silver maple tree. The other dya i was suprised to lean when turning the 4" of top soil ove on top that the stump is deteriating greatly so next year will use the composted stump and pavers in other places in the yard.

Re: Can't get rid of tree stump

Rent a stump grinder. It will be very easy to use and probably less than $100.

Re: Can't get rid of tree stump

Are you removing the stump to replant something in its place? What type of Tree?

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