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Can't Find a Roof Leak

After 6 months of working with a well respected roofer and replacing a bunch of stuff, we still have a leak in our roof that this roofer installed 3 years ago. It is a metal snap lock roof installed on a 2:12 pitch house that the manufactor Champion says is ok at that pitch with the proper underlayment of snow and ice guard which we have. We have had a leak in our kitchen by our kitchen exhaust fan which is not coming from the vent. We have had the metal panels and the kitchen vent replaced and it still leaks We have about 8 inches over from this leak source a plumbing stack where the insulation is wet below, but dry on top and no evidence of the plumbing vent leaking from above. Dry plywood no drips. We have a makeshift can over our plumbing stack vent incase it was a plumbing leak, but it is not. There is so much proseal caulk over everything at this point, I just don't think the water is coming in at the kitchen vent or the plumbing vent. All the screws on the vents at this point are so covered in caulk there is no way this is the source so the water has to be getting in somewhere else. We have a tarp over the ridge cap above the leak and it still leaks. I have a roof vent about 3 feet away and 8 feet higher one way and a solotube about 3 feet away and 5 feet higher the other way. I should also add that it only leaks after a couple hours of good solid rain. So now the question. Has anyone had an experience of water running sideways on a metal roof? Anybody have any weird roof roof leak stories to share?

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