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Can't find HVAC Air Filter!?

I've got a 3-year old home with central air. A Janitrol air handler unit in the basement, compressor/fan outside. We've been seeing a lot of dust in the house and thought I should look at the air filter. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find an air filter anywhere on the unit. It's not down where the return enters the unit. I've taken a number of panels off and looked at the product literature and can't find anything. Is it possible that my entire AC system was installed without a filter? And, if that's the case, what are my options for installing one? I have only two return registers that are easily accessible. It seems I could install filters on them, but am not really sure what type of hardware I would need. Any search I do online for air filters just brings me to someone selling replacement filters. I haven't seem anything showing how to install the filter brackets or holders inside my return registers. Any help greatly appreciated. We've got a newborn in the house, and I'd love to make sure the air is a clean as possible. Thanks!

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filter grill will work

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Yes filter grilles are a great option for minmal filtering. We suggest you invest in a unit such as the Aprilaire Model #2210 at the least it will remove a significantly greater amount of dust, pet dander, mold, etc. It will remove particles you can not see. We have supplied and installed Aprilaire products for decades with evry customer satisfied they spent the extra money.
You will have less dusting to do in the home and your child will benefit as well. If there is room to install the unit do it. They also make units that fit into a special return grille.
Good luck!

Re: Can't find HVAC Air Filter!?

A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous materials which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. ...


Re: Can't find HVAC Air Filter!?

A filter grill will work, but if you use the one pictured you will have to do all of your returns. I would have one put in at the furnace where you were looking. There's a number of diff. types from, throw aways to the electronic type, the later should be installed by an HVAC Contractor just because of the wiring. They are very good at collecting allergens and I would recommend one, the downside is the cost which could run up to $300.00 +. You would also have to have the Contractor show you how to clean them. The easiest way would be to take the duct or plenum off your furnace install filter tracks, cut a slot to receive the filter, reinstall to the furnace. a little tricky but if you can work a drill and snips your good to go. The Aprilaire Model #2210 is also a very good choice, if you have the room like versatileindustriesincy says. Good Luck!!! :)

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