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Can you Spray Paint Primer onto Window Trim?

We just moved into an old house and are repainting EVERY square inch. It is taking FOREVER!

I need some tips on how to be a better, more efficient painter. Right now we are repainting all of the trim and doors.

The windows are proving to be the biggest time suck - the outside window trim has been painted, but the mullions and shashes are still the original dark stained wood. It is taking me 5-6 coats of a Paint in Primer in one. I have tried to use a small roller on the bigger parts of the window trim, but it is impossible on the small mullions and sashes.

One room has 8 windows! This will take me 4 months to paint! Do you think I could use a spray paint primer to coat the smaller mullions and then paint over it with a brush?

Re: Can you Spray Paint Primer onto Window Trim?

HVLP sprayers can be used and minimize over spray, however you would still need to mask, use drop cloths, and have proper ventilation.

Re: Can you Spray Paint Primer onto Window Trim?


You should not be needing 5 or 6 coats of paint to cover even black. A primer and 2 finish coats should be adequate. Personally, I would be using an oil enamel undercoater followed by 2 finish coats of oil enamel.

Even if you decide to brush rather than spray, you might consider taping off the edges of the window glass. With multiple times around, the time spent taping would be well worth it. It will greatly decrease your cutting in time. Do invest in a good trim brush.

Short of buyig expensive spray equipment,you could use spray cans of BIN primer to speed up the painting of the window muntins ( the cross bars). Even though I owned a good HVLP, for small jobs the shellac based BIN spray can primer would rapidly blank out dark woodwork without too much effort and mess. BIN has excellant adhesion and dries very fast.

Re: Can you Spray Paint Primer onto Window Trim?

Thank you eveyone for your replies. You have given me some good tips.

I recently painted another room and this time I actually sanded the wood trim and used a KILZ primer instead of the Behr Primer and Paint in one. I only did two coats of primer and two coats of paint. Still a lot of work. I didn't tape this time and scraped off the paint with a razor.

I am going to try the BIN Primer - this stuff sounds awesome. Perfect for the 12 mullion windows I have to paint.

I am torn between taping and not taping - I taped the first room and it pulled off paint when I tried to remove the paint, even after scouring the tape with a razor. In the second room I saved time not taping but then had the timely task of razoring off all the paint and primer. I did find that water/vinegar solution sprayed onto the windows helped to ease of the paint. But be careful - it can stick to the floor and windows if you don't remove it right away.

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