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Can you make mirrors magnetic?

Hello, all. Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend.

I'm wondering if there's a way to make a mirror magnetic, so you could display things on it with magnets.

I'm building some shelves against the upper part of a wall, supported with brackets, and will be backing the empty space within each one with mirror (about 2' X 4 1/2') to bounce light and open up the space a pinch. (Shelves won't be totally crowded, and my theory is every bit of mirror you can use ANYWHERE helps.) (I even once saw mirror used as a 5" cornice all the way around an old room, and it looked fabulous!)

Since one shelf at about eye level will hold stray objects that aren't big, it would be neat to use its back kind of like a bulletin board, and affix temporary scraps of paper, lists, postcards, etc. to it.

Could one first mount some kind of sheet metal to the wall, then put thin mirror over it, and a magnet would still cling, drawn by the metal behind? I would secure mirror with some kind of trim attached to shelves, so there would be no Mirror Mastic or any adhesive making a barrier.

This would be a neat option, if there's a way to do it (?)


Re: Can you make mirrors magnetic?

It can be done by attaching sheet metal to the back of the mirror and then using a magnet in the front to hold the paper notes.

Re: Can you make mirrors magnetic?


Is there any thickness or type of sheet metal I should look for...or is it all universal?

Re: Can you make mirrors magnetic?

It just needs to me steel. No guarantee any magnet will stick. Might have to be decent strength to hold through the glass. Easy enough to mock up a small mirror to test.

Re: Can you make mirrors magnetic?

It will work with enough magnet involved. Do a test with any sheet-metal you have on hand of good size behind the mirror then see how well the magnets you plan to use hold. Most 'refrigerator' type magnets won't work, you may need to use expensive Neodymuim types to get enough holding strength. Those can be dangerous in larger sizes so keep them small and out of the reach of children. They can affect nearby electronics as they are amazingly powerful magnets! And be sure the mirrors are tempered glass, as one of these magnets snapping into place may shatter standard glass.


Re: Can you make mirrors magnetic?

Thank you : )

Re: Can you make mirrors magnetic?

Neodymuim magnets are no joke.

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