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Can we move the expansion hot water tank?

We have an older home in Minneapolis (built 1914) heated by a boiler and radiators. The expansion hot water tank is in our upstairs bathroom, with a pipe extending from the radiator, and a drain valve into our bathtub. It is unsightly and cumbersome, to say the least.

Can we move the expansion tank to our basement so it is near our hot water heater? What is the typical cost of this project?

Any feedback is most appreciated.


Re: Can we move the expansion hot water tank?

Whether you could remove the expansion tank from the bath tub to the cellar would depend on what type of hot water system you have.

Very old hot water systems are known as "open gravity systems" without a circulating pump, requiring gravity to lift the hot water (lighter than cold water) up thru the system, & usually require the ET to be near the top of the system.

More recent HW systems are "closed circulating systems" that pump the HW, where you would be able to position the expansion tank in the cellar.

Even if the tank can't be moved to the cellar, it can usually be boxed in with sheetrock & an access door & tied in to a nearby drain if local codes allow.

Call your boiler service person in to check it out, or consult the Yellow Pages under "heating contractors" to have someone come over to look at it.


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