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Can steel studs hold bookshelves?

I am planning to convert a portion of my basement into a library. Since I am planning on installing wall brackets for adjustable shelving, I was thinking I would need to use wood studs to hold the weight instead of steel. Anyone have any experience with this?

Re: Can steel studs hold bookshelves?

it can be done, but it depends on how much weight the shelf will be carrying. if theres going to be a large amount of weight i would be more inclined to cut out sections of drywall then install 3/4" plywood glued and screwed, then put the drywall back on. this will help distribute the weight better as the screws can pull through the steel studs

Re: Can steel studs hold bookshelves?

If you have 1/2" drywall and steel studs, screwing into the studs alone will not work. BTDT.

You'll need to switch to blocking (optimal) or the use of spring type expanding wall anchors. Use a few per support bracket to spread the weight.

If you can add an additional layer of drywall, or switch to 5/8" drywall all the better.

Re: Can steel studs hold bookshelves?

I'd forget the spring anchors or adding extra thick drywall.
Sounds like you ar in the rough in stage?
If so then switch to wood studs in that area where the book shelves will be.

Otherwise if using steel studs and depending what gauge use solid blocking or doubled up studs. The problem is the gauge you get from home centers is garbage, it's cheap very thin gauge. Sure , for a simple wall covered with drywall it works ( somewhat ) as long as there isn't a door, otherwise the whole wall shakes and forget trying to fastenen anything to those studs.

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