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Can I widen a 32" exterior door opening myself?

I just bought an 1857 Victorian with three exterior doors. Two of the doors have 31 inch openings and the third door has a 32 inch opening. My couch is 34 inches at its narrowest point, as are most couches. There is no way to get it in a window, because the windows are all much narrower than the doorways. I have dealt with narrow door openings in past apartments I've rented, and I'm tired of them! I'd really like to widen the 32 inch door opening to 35 inches. Is this something a handy person could do themselves, or should I hire a contractor?

Timothy Miller
Re: Can I widen a 32" exterior door opening myself?

Howdy, the loading above the door openings is the major concern. If more then one story then it's more of an issue for temp support(shoring) of the load above the door ways. Then type of structure . Is it stick framed or brick walls etc. Have you opened the interior wall finish to see how the wall is framed above and around the top of the door. I was surprised to find in my 105 year old home there were no headers above the doors... Might want to get a couple of bids for enlarging the opening and the you do the finish work painting etc to save some of the costs....

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