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Can I switch toilet with sink?

In my main bathroom, it would make a lot more sense to have the toilet where the sink vanity is and vice versa. The current sink vanity space is ample for a toilet and is in an alcove, that would be a very nice space for the toilet. The toilet is on a long wall space, way too long for just a toilet. If the sink was to be moved to the current toilet location, I could have a much longer counter around the sink.

So, the space issue is OK...

Under the house they both seem to drain into the same big black pipe, that must be the "waste" pipe?

As far as water supply, there are both hot and cold "incoming" pipes in the wall behind where I would like to move the sink. (Those supplies currently serve a sink that's on the other side of the wall, in another bathroom.)

The water pressure is for lack of a measurement, BLAST.

There is enough room for the plumbers to work under the house.

Can I have this done? Are there other things that need to be in place for this switch to work out OK? It would sure make the bathroom a lot nicer, in layout. DH says "NO!", because he hates for anything to be changed. Any help with this would be very appreciated! (If he comes home and it's "done", it will be OK, as long as it works.)


Re: Can I switch toilet with sink?

Sounds like it is a do able situation as long as the plumbers have access to the waste and water pipes. They only difficulty might be if they need to move the vent which if the toilet and sink are already close together should not be any sort of issue. I would say however that you should get a few quotes from plumbers with detail lists of what they will be doing so you can compare. Also get references so you can check with other people to see how they liked working with the plumbers.


Re: Can I switch toilet with sink?

Thank you very much, Sabo. Forgot about the vents! Will have to look. Thanks, also, for the tip re: bill detail. Sometimes subs will want to do things differently or want to add extras or have different suggestions. My area is very high cost and some people seem to think we all have Bill Gates' wallet. Ha ha--NOT!

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