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Can I skim coat over TOH's painted walls?

TOH was built in 1944, and the interior walls seem to be made of a type of horse-hair plaster boards. We've only been able to see the edge of the walls by removing the outlet cover plates and the outlets, so it's definitely plaster of some type. But here's the wierd thing.

If you stand at the far end of a wall and look down the length of the wall, you can see a brick pattern to the wall as if the entire wall (and ceiling) is made up of 18" by 36" plaster boards put up without the benefit of mud and tape. The seam between each "board" can be felt by running your hand over it (even when it's been wallpapered over), and can be seen fairly readily when the sun's glare hits it.

I am not enthusiastic about seeing this pattern every day, and I'm giving thought to skim coating the seams, much like taping the seams of drywall, only without the tape. It would appear there are about 4 coats of (pastel lime green) paint over these odd plaster boards, and I'm betting oil was the paint of choice in the day.

My questions are these. Can I (or should I) skim coat ready mix joint compound over these painted plaster board walls and reasonably expect it to stick to the paint? Is there a SOP (standard operating procedure) to prep the paint so it will better accept the joint compound?

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions you can offer.

Re: Can I skim coat over TOH's painted walls?

It's tough to tell, but 1/4" thick could be right.

Re: Can I skim coat over TOH's painted walls?

You can bond it with bonding agent and replaster it using veneer basecoat and veneer finish. Or Bond and finish with Diamond finish plaster or Gold bond veneer plaster( red bag). I would tape the seams with mesh tape.

Re: Can I skim coat over TOH's painted walls?

Sound like your walls are rock Lath on wood studs with a plaster base and a plaster finish.
To repair I would use a product called Master of Plaster.
Tape the cracks and joints than use the base coat and finish coat and you will have a smooth wall no problems and no bonding required.
this product will go on no thicker than 3/32 max and it is very user friendly.

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