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Can I run my wires from the panel thru a pipe?

I am attempting to wire the house from the panel box, located in the garage, to the rest of the house. To do this acceptable to code, I would like to run the wires through a pipe (pvc maybe), attaching the pipe to the beam and then into the house rather than drilling holes through each beam etc. Can I do this and still be ok with code and is it safe to do? Also, I already wired the upstairs bedrooms with 14/2 wire (outlets and lights) and bathrooms will be with 12/2 and GFI's. What do I use for the hardwiring of smoke detectors? There are so many changes since I saw my Dad doing this and well, I never built a home before so I thank you in advance for your advice and help.

Re: Can I run my wires from the panel thru a pipe?

As far as the smokes go I would assume you are using interlocking smokes so if one goes off they all go off. If that is the case then run 14-3 for a 15a circuit or 12-3 for a 20a circuit between all of the detector locations. The extra conductor is for the interlock wiring.

As far as a single conduit sleeve for your home runs you will need to derate the home runs if the conduit is longer than 24" and you have more than X number of conductors in it based on the size of the conduit. That means larger conductor sizes.

If you really don't want to drill the beams you may want to consider building a chase for the home runs.

Re: Can I run my wires from the panel thru a pipe?

Please don't take this the wrong way , BUT , you may be in over your head , at least as far as code issues are concerned .
On one hand , you have the NATIONAL ELECTRIC CODE , and then you have state and local code issues to deal with . You really need to consult a local authority for building and electrical code questions . You'll get plenty of opinions and good advice here , but in the end , it's up to your local inspector to pass your work .

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