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Can I replace push bars with a crank

The house was built in 1966 and the windows in the living room are two sections, the ones at the bottom have hinges on each side at their top so they can be opened. At the bottom of the window a metal bar is normally folded sideways parallel to the window and in that position a cam or lever action helps keep the window sealed. By opening the bar 90 degrees, the bottom of the window opens a bit and then by unfolding and pushing on that bar, the bottom opens outward.

What is needed to replace that sticky obstinate bar system with a crank system?

I have pictures but each time I try and upload a message says they are invalid types. Hopefully someone understands the type of window hardware I am describing and can help otherwise I'll try and figure out how to get pictures posted



A. Spruce
Re: Can I replace push bars with a crank

It is unlikely that you'll be able to retrofit anything to the windows, it just doesn't work that way, unfortunately.

Have you tried cleaning and lubricating the mechanisms and hinges of the existing windows?

Re: Can I replace push bars with a crank

spruce is right. replacing the mechanism with a different type is basically impossible. the current mechanism can be replaced or taken apart, fixed up and replaced. you might also have to do a little work to the window frames too, maybe sand, paint, stain, clean up, etc. the other option is replacement windows and you can get exactly what you want.

Re: Can I replace push bars with a crank

Thank you both for the quick reply.

The clean and lube is just not much help. Part of the problem is a VERY difficult time working that mechanism. It is low to the ground (relatively) and these old bones don't like to bend and creak that much. The other part is trying to automate some tasks like opening the window and curtains when the weather is conducive and I'm not yet out of bed or maybe even closing the curtains and windows because the summer sun is already changing the interior temperature more than I cared to have it (and not wanting to pay the power company to run the AC until later in the day).

I'm considering buying a system (the crank and arms) and then mocking up a replica of the existing system to see what it might take to get it to work. Retirement has it's benefits which include hours to waste dreaming up cockamamie solutions to barely existing problems.

I guess I was hoping that someone had already visited this problem and had a neatly wrapped solution.

Again, thanks for the quick reply.


Re: Can I replace push bars with a crank

I think replacing the front crankshaft oil seal is easier and unless you have all the equipment it is advisable to have the rear crankshaft oil seal replaced by an auto mechanic.

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