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A. Spruce
Re: Can I go over linoleum?
jkirk wrote:

ive been wondering the same thing... i dont have the power of a thesaurus, figeratively or literally... im a carpenter not a miracle worker

Well, if you've got access to the censored list, it's easy enough to see which ones should be banned and which ones need to be allowed, such as ra pe, since it's the root of scra pe and a few other words. The word go ld was also disallowed when we were being spammed so heavily. While it's not a heavily used word, it does prevent us from talking about one of our favorite old timers Go ldhiller, or Go ldie as he is more affectionately known.

Now that we've got real live moderation, I don't think that the censor needs to be so strict. If you have access to the list and want to share it with me, I'd be willing to give you my perspective on which should be allowed and which should remain banned.


Another reason to remove the layer is that any chair or table you place on the floor will make indentations in the flooring that is padded that much.


Dang it! I knew I forgot to address that in my last post on the topic. Not only is the top most layer more vulnerable to imprints from heavy objects such as tables and refrigerators, it can telegraph the pattern from the previous layer. Also, being softer due to the multiple layers, it's more susceptible to damage from normal use and abuse.

Re: Can I go over linoleum?

is it linoleum or vinyl? I think it makes a difference. I was able to pull the vinyl off with a heat gun but am left with the under layer stuck in the glue on the cement subfloor. Is that ok to leave or is the torch next?

Re: Can I go over linoleum?

I recommend to remove all previous floors, then prepare the floor for the new linoleum (vinyl).

If the manual, the power scr-apers or the heat gun don't work, bring in the torch. You only heat the tiles, don't burn them, and they lift right up. Wear a mask and gloves. Work slowly. Dispose legally.

Caution: The insurance company will not pay a dime if you burn your house down, not if you have insurance nor if you don't. :(


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