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Can a deck be sanded down before refinishing?

I have a deck that was not well maintained for several years. I scrubbed it down and stained it and sealed it. Did the same the following summer. One problem seems that some of the boards are warped and water accumulates on them and algae grows. Can I just sand them flat/or even the entire deck and then do a proper stain and seal. The deck is not too large approx 6'x10'. Thanks

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Re: Can a deck be sanded down before refinishing?

if the boards are cupping the problem is only going to get worse. you can sand them down but that's alot of work. the deck is small, why not just replace the cupper boards or all the boards. a 6x10 deck will only take you about a half day to rip up and put new boards down. i'm assuming you're using pressure treated wood so the materials won't be very expensive at all.

Re: Can a deck be sanded down before refinishing?

Sanding won't help. I'd recommend replacing the boards choosing from deck stain that seals the surface better.

Re: Can a deck be sanded down before refinishing?

Either replace the cupped boards or if the entire board is similar and appearance isn't everything, turn the cupped boards over and screw all the decking down while it's still salvageable. Some of the worst boards will crack when flipped and there will likely be other cosmetic issues involved. If you can afford it, replace the decking. While you've got the framing exposed soak it liberally with a water sealer like "Thompsons" to help increase it's lifespan. And lay decking boards cup-grain down, not up, to help prevent this from happening again.


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