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bob buffington
calsium clogging up my water heater

i put in a new water heater just two months ago, already running out of hot water so i pulled the heating elements out and they look 20 years old. i have rurul water service, im not real crazy about a water softener, my question is,, is there a whole house filter that takes out some of the calsium?

Re: calsium clogging up my water heater

I'm not sure, but I think that reverse osmosis system can remove calcium, if you don't want to use a softener.

It's worth checking out.

Re: calsium clogging up my water heater

You may need to change the anode rod in your heater. There are two different ones made, one for municipal water and one for well water. Not sure if this will help but it won't hurt and most likely will extend the life of your heater.

Good Luck

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