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Cabinets on top of flooring?

I have laminate flooring that was not installed very well (the boards shift sometimes leaving small gaps after foot traffic). I live in a small old duplex, so the kitchen and living room are one room separated by a kitchen countertop. I dismantled the unattractive coal fireplace in the living room and fixed the wall. I tried to find matching laminate to fill the space where the fireplace was but cannot find it anywhere. The kitchen cabinets however were installed on top of the flooring - so if I got new laminate or hardwood would I HAVE TO get the cabinetry removed, and then reinstalled with new flooring? I'm hoping there's a way around it!

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Re: Cabinets on top of flooring?

cut the laminate up tight against the cabinets, leave what's under there alone and install the new laminate up to the cabinets.

Re: Cabinets on top of flooring?

You maybe could put something under the cabinets so they're at the proper height, and use the existing flooring underneath to patch the floor. But it might be more trouble than it's worth; you'd have to do a cost analysis vs replacing the whole floor.

Re: Cabinets on top of flooring?

Having the cabinets removed would be a lot of cost incurred. I'd also suggest get the flooring cut very close to the cabinets and then have the new flooring installed.

Re: Cabinets on top of flooring?

If you decide to cut the floor, you'll have to do it in such a way so you don't damage the cabinets, and if you damage the cabinets you'll have to find a way to hide the damages...

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