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Shannon D
Cabinets.. Light or dark??
Shannon D

Hi!! Looking for advice.. I am going to paint my cabinets but can't decide between going white or doing dark grey! Help! Factors to consider... My appliances are wet and I don't plan to upgrade them, but might one day! My floors are off white in the kitchen but the rest of the house recently got painted a light grey and the laminate floors have grey undertones. I have dark wood and dark grey accents elsewhere in the place. It's a 700 sq ft condo with not a lot of natural light!!
Any advice welcome!!

A. Spruce
Re: Cabinets.. Light or dark??
A. Spruce

I would recommend you stick to classic colors, white being one of them. The thing is, "white" comes in all sorts of colors, as strange as that may sound. The base color of the white is what is important. If your house colors are in the gray tones, then, choose a white that is in the gray tone category (as opposed to red, blue, or green category ) If you don't understand what I'm saying, go to any self respecting paint dealer and have a look at their color charts, in every color scale, you will find whites with the basic color scale base (red, blue, gray, etc) while in and of itself it may look white, put the base color against the others and you will see the "pinks" in a red base, and the "black/gray" in a black/gray base, and "blue" in a blue base, and so on.

Remember, fads come and go, classic colors withstand the tests of time. While you want to make your home a reflection of you, you don't want to devalue it when it comes to resale time, and the classics never go out of style. Even if the house could use a repaint at the time of sale, people who see the classics see the house, not the color, and can look past the need for new paint. Paint some arbitrary or fad color, and people are going to see the hideous color of the walls, not the bones of the home you are trying to sell, hence, not be inclined to make an offer, or if they do, it will be a substantially reduced offer because they can't see past the color on the walls.

My recommendation to everyone is to always stick with classic colors, white or almond, when it comes to paint. If you want to express your colorful side, then focus on the decorator side, go with splashes of color in the d****s, throw rugs, things that are easily removed or replaced. :cool:

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