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Cabinets glued to wall?

I am remodeling a tiny guest bath. Part of the problem are some oversized upper cabinets - above the sink and toilet. I want to remove them to enlarge the feel of the bathroom and replace them with a small medicine cabinet and a small towel shelf.
I removed all of the screws that went through the cabinet into the wall. There are no signs of nails. After the cabinets wouldn't come out, I tried scoring around where the cabinet meets the wall and ceiling in case paint was making it stick.
The cabinets won't budge at all, I'm guessing that they have been glued to the drywall. What to do?
I was planning on this being a quick and easy change!

A. Spruce
Re: Cabinets glued to wall?

Anything is possible, especially in a DIY situation. The cabinets may have been glued to the wall, even thought this is not a standard operating procedure, you won't know until you get them off. What is more likely is that the paint wasn't fully cured when the cabinets were installed and they are stuck in the paint. Either way you're probably going to have some wall damage to repair before you continue with your project.

As for getting the cabinets down, find the studs in the wall and slip a flat bar behind the cabinets in these locations. Also, pry against a small block of wood so that you have less chance of damaging the drywall with your efforts. One last thing, if you're working by yourself, put the top screws back into the cabinets, but leave them slightly loose, you don't want the cabinet falling before you're ready for it. Having a second set of hands to help wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Re: Cabinets glued to wall?

That's helpful!! I knew toh was the right place :D

Re: Cabinets glued to wall?

Please, if you are going to do some demolition, at least know what you're doing to avoid damages and injuries.

A falling cabinet is not exactly fun.

Re: Cabinets glued to wall?

I wonder if there is a french cleat ? You can skip ahead to the 1 minute mark

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