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Cabinet Removal

From Simple Kitchen Makeovers, Gail asks:

"We need to remove a metal kitchen cabinet to allow us to get a new refrigerator which is taller than the space allows. We have unscrewed it from the wall and can't seem to loosen it from the wall. The overhead soffit appeares to be solid wood instead of drywall. Do you suppose it was standard practice to glue it to the soffit? We don't see any other nails or screws."

Re: Cabinet Removal

Check carefully to be sure it isn't fastened on the sides to other cabinets/walls. If you are unable to pull it straight off the wall at this point, try lifting it up, then pulling - it may use a cleat system on the back that requires lifting it before pulling forward off the wall.

Re: Cabinet Removal

It may be glued to the wall. Also are the other cabinets metal as well? If so the entire wall of cabinets may be a single unit and the wall of each cabinet will be doing double duty. In that case you will have to cut out the bottom of the cabinet and then devise a way to put a new bottom and door in at the appropreate height. Remember that there should be some circulation around a refrigerator, and good luck. Let us know what solution you finally use.

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