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cabinet refacing

I am planning on adding a wood trim ( 2 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick strip of pine) on top of plain laminate kitchen door, to give the doors a Shaker style appearance. What is the best way to ensure that this piece adheres to the door. Should I use wood glue, liquid nails, Loctites Power Grab or some other type of adhesive. Would also tacking/nailing the strip provide additional security that the pieces will stay in place.

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A. Spruce
Re: cabinet refacing

Regular wood glue should do the trick. I recommend sanding the perimeter of the doors where the trim will live to give the glue something more to hold on to. While nails would help keep it in place while the glue dries, I would not use them because it will mar the surface, even when filled.

Re: cabinet refacing

It's really hard to get regular wood glue as such to adhere to laminate. I'd likely use a contact adhesive, and 5/8" 18 ga. brads to hold it. A goodly number of wood screw-type clamps will also be handy.
While yellow glue may eventually dry, it's going to absorb all of the water content into the back side of your 1/4" stock, which is going to make it cup. I would avoid anything that was water-based, which leaves liquid nails (not the water-based type), drywall adhesive, epoxy, alpha-cyanoacrylate (superglue), and contact cement as possibilities.

A. Spruce
Re: cabinet refacing
Sombreuil_mongrel wrote:

It's really hard to get regular wood glue as such to adhere to laminate.

DOH!! I missed that part. :o You're right, contact adhesive would be better.

Re: cabinet refacing

Guys, thanks for the advice,


Re: cabinet refacing

Construction adhesive is great --I use it indoors & out. Spread it in a wavy pattern, don't put so much on that it oozes out, lay the cabinet doors horizontal on sawhorses,then you need to attach clamps just firm enough to hold the pieces together. (if the clamp is too tight it'll indent into the wood.) If you want a rustic look,use a nailgun or heavy gauge screws and predrill,so the strips won't split. good luck

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