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Byron Crumley

The ground water that comes into my sump pump pit has a lot of iron in it. Over a period of six months to a year the 1.5 inch evacuation line builds up enough iron to close the line down to about a half in diameter. I have to take the whole system apart and clean out the line twice a year and replace the pump about every other year. Is there a cure for this problem. I have lived in the house 23 years and it drives me crazy. Thank you very much.

Re: Byron

A filter at the point of entry?

Byron Crumley
Re: Byron

The iron is not in a solid form coming in. It is dissolved in the water.

Re: Byron

That iron is not totally dissolved in the water a filter will help.

I am no expert on the subject but I do remember reading, hearing something about a magnetic filtration system for high Fe water.

Yes, filter at the inlet to the pump.

Byron Crumley
Re: Byron

Do you think changing from pvc pipe to copper would make a difference?

Re: Byron

You may be able to add Lime at the sump pit area ?
Dolomitic Lime is used to treat water impurities.
You could check with your local water treatment plant for advice on how much lime to use and when to use it.
Also contact Graymont lime they are one of the largest producers of lime.

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