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Buying Radiant Heating Panels NOT for the floor

So, a couple of times in TOH magazine, I've seen them mention radiant heating panels hung from a ceiling or mounted to a wall as a good solution for heating a woodworking shop or garage. And while they have mentioned brands and manufacturers, never once have them noted how to actually BUY said items. They are supposedly as easy to install as flourescent lighting (which I have done). I have searched online, and I can find places where people talk about installing them, but again, no one says where to buy them. I have NO idea how much these cost, how to calculate how many or what size I would need, etc, etc. Do I call a contractor and offer to just buy the materials from them? Is there somewhere I can order some? Have any of you used/installed these?

Re: Buying Radiant Heating Panels NOT for the floor

Could you provide more info about the garage/workshop---sq.footage, your general location, ceiling height, amt of wall insulation, is it on a concrete slab--all these factors will have a bearing on heater choice.

Elec. ceiling heaters tend to warm a small area of the building/room--you may need several of them or a small forced air furnace might be more appropriate--See Brut Garage Heater at Beacon-Morris site, as an example.

TPI corporation makes a line of radiant heat panels of different sizes in their CP series.

The site below lists "electric ceiling heaters" as the 4th item, also "electric wall heaters" further on down---free shipping.

These units are rated in watts (sometimes in btu/hr)--the standard sizing method is to assign 10w to each square foot of room space.

Thus, a room 10' X 15' = 150 sq.ft. X 10w = 1500w for this heater size---this assumes standard 8' ceilings and standard building insulation--a garage/workshop can throw these figures way out of whack if there is no insulation--a garage is very hard to heat in cold climates.

A furnace heat output (and some electric units) are measured in btu's/hour, using 40 btu/hr (60 if no insulation) per sq.ft. as a heat factor for the room.

Thus, 150 sq.ft. X 40 (or 60 if no insulation) = 6000 btu/hr--if the garage/workshop is ~700 sq.ft. you would need ~30,000-50,000 btu/hr for heat.

A heat loss calculation for the workshop should be done before you buy anything (the one below is free)--install as much R19 insulation in the walls & R40 in the ceiling as you can before you buy a heater.

Other mfgrs besides TPI are listed on the right-hand side of the site.

Also there is Markel, Reznor, Tutco, Everjoy--but I couldn't find a price for them.

Also enter "heaters" or "electric heaters" in the Northern Tool search site below to access 22 pages of their heater line.

Also Google "electric ceiling radiant heat panels" (with and without the quotation marks).

Hope this is what you want.


Re: Buying Radiant Heating Panels NOT for the floor

Thanks for the response. My garage is a two car garage with extra space on one side. It's probably about 20' x 30', so about 600 sq feet, but I don't want to heat all of it. I want to heat just the side area, and only when i'm working out there. Also, since it's more of a woodshop, with fumes and sawdust, open flames aren't a great idea. The ceiling is around 11' or 12' high, and the entire garage is finished.

I will look up the TPI heaters. Thanks.

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