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buying major appliances on craigslist advice needed

Hi, I'm new to the Boards, but have been an avid reader of TOH for years. we are finally remodeling our kitchen. We live in Seattle in a 1940s farmhouse that was gorgeously remodeled starting in the 1970s. Beautiful house, solid construction. Unfortunately the kitchen was built for a couple who were 6 feet tall and I'm less than 5 feet so we are dropping the counters 4 inches! I can hardly wait. Anyway we have found a Dacor oven that's the model from earlier this year on sale on Craig's list. The price is $1100 and the sale price at the appliance store is $1950. The seller is even willing to deliver it! It is brand new in the box never opened and he still has the paperwork. How concerned do I need to be about the store warranty? It is possible that the warranty will transfer to me if he has never sent the paperwork in. How concerned should I be about the store installation rather than our contractor installing? basically what should I worry about and watch out for or should I just jump on this? I keep reading about people scoring killer deals on craigslist but haven't heard the follow up with the warranties and maintenance. thanks for all advice.

Re: buying major appliances on craigslist advice needed

I've never bought anything from Craig's list, only because I never knew you could. My opinion, I would call the store the seller bought the unit from and ask if the warranty is transferable since the item is new. Also, you might ask if their people from the store are required to install the unit for the warranty to be in effect, some stores have that stipulation. Good Luck!

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Re: buying major appliances on craigslist advice needed

Depending on when the original sale was, the store warranty may or may not be in effect, and generally they're only valid to the original buyer. The product warranty should be transferable without problems, and you can probably buy an extended warranty through the manufacturer.

What I would recommend is to make sure the seals on the packaging have not been broken and that there is no box damage. Open the box and make sure it's the unit you want. I've never had any problems purchasing larger items on CL, but that doesn't mean that there are not some shady individuals out there. Just be careful. Also keep in mind that you're in control of the sale, it's your money - don't pay for the unit until you've verified you're getting what you're paying for. If at any time you don't feel right about the person you're buying from or the deal itself, walk away.

Appliances do not have to be installed by the dealer to be under warranty, you or your contractor can install the unit.

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