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Butterfly Bush

We have a Butterfly Bush,I don't know the Latin name, but I would like to know how to prune the bush so it won't take over the corner it is in, and when is the best time to do this. I would assume that the actve growing season is NOT the time.

Re: Butterfly Bush

Buddleja davidii is the most common cultivar for the Butterfly Bush.

According to the site below the bush can be pruned anytime of the year without doing any harm, with early spring being the preferred time.

Perhaps at this time you can try some modest pruning in the most sorely needed areas & see how it is tolerated, and then carry on from there.

Many sites refer to the "climate zone" or "growing zone" you happen to occupy, since this has a bearing on seasonal changes with the Butterfly Bush.

The 2nd site allows you to look up your "zone" location; once there, click onto the multi-colored map of the U.S. to find your zone.

For further info on this topic, Google "butterfly bush pruning".


Re: Butterfly Bush

We live in MD and prune ours back in the fall to about knee high. It always comes back each year to a height of about 7-8 feet and blooms well. The butterflies and hummingbird moths aren't complaining! :)

Re: Butterfly Bush

I live in Illinois and we prune our butterfly bushes back in the fall. They always come back and are as beautiful as ever.

Re: Butterfly Bush

My grandmother always had my grandfather, me or my husband cut it back in the fall and we could snip pieces out of the garden path as we needed the rest of the year. I've even obliterated lower branches laying on the ground with the lawn mower and it did just fine.

If you're going to prune it severely I would wait until next fall.

Re: Butterfly Bush

in the early spring, about a foot high or so.

Re: Butterfly Bush
ed21 wrote:

in the early spring, about a foot high or so.

Cutting back our two today, if it stops snowing that is.
We leave them stand all winter, just for beauty in the barren winter landscape.
And yes I agree with leaving about a foot or so standing as it works fine for us as well.

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