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Bushes, grass, and flowers questions

Ok I have 3 questions.
1. I planted a easter lilly a couple of years ago. Last year it came up and was beautiful. This year it is coming up again, but it looks like there may be 2 others sprouting from the same bulb. I have heard bulbs split and you can dig them up, separate them, and replant them. What is a good time to do this? Fall or spring? I hate to do it now and risk not having any flowers.

2. We have a huge out of control juniper bush in our front yard. In a way it's nice because no one can get close to our rather large front window, but I would like for part of it to go. Is it possible to dig up say 3/4 of it and keep just a small piece where it is? Or would that kill the whole thing?

3. Relates to grass and my yard. Last year we planted something called "water saver" grass we got at home depot. What came up was crab grass and other unwanted weeds such as sandburs. Now it's spring and I've been digging up, or killing every weed in my yard that I can. But so very little grass has come up, just some tufts around the tree. WHat is a good water saving type grass to plant from seed that will help to choke out all the weeds? Our soil is heavy clay so that only adds to the growing problems


Re: Bushes, grass, and flowers questions

first Don't split the lily until the foilage dies back. Right now the stems and leaves are creating energy to bloom but later they will feed the new bulb growth. To split them do it before they start growing or after the foliage dies.

You're right to do it right now would risk the blooms.

Second, Junipers aren't usually multi sucker plants. the best thing to do is trim them back in strategic areas to make them more manageable. My husband bonsia'd our junipers exposing their beautiful trunks and graceful branch work.

Third, I don't know what to tell you about water saving grass. The only thing I can suggest is fertilize heavily and regularly to kill out the weeds and bad grasses as well as fortify the good grasses. weeds like poor soil, if you amend the soil with good stuff like compost, it will really help your grass.

Re: Bushes, grass, and flowers questions

The best thing to do with your yard is to apply a preemergent crab grass control like Dimension Green Light now,treat for broadleaf weeds this summer, fertilize with an organic now, then in the fall reseed with a good quality tall turf fescue using a slit seeder.
When seeding in the spring you can't apply the preemergent for crabgrass control & unless you water a lot the grass may not make it through the typical summer drought & heat. By trating & fertilizing now you may have more grass than you realize come fall.

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