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Burning Breakers

My Breaker Box Is Possessed!

After having a problem on one circuit in the house with a sizzling sound from the box and lights flickering, an electrician replaced a breaker and all was well - for about a week. I then replaced the same 20 amp breaker with the problem coming back. I noticed that both, the 20 amp and 50 amp breakers on the same post of the bus bar were burnt. I lightly sanded the post, applied electrical jelly, and replaced the breakers. And, the problem came back.

I shut off the 50 amp breaker and the problem continued in the 20 amp. I have no other problems on this bus bar or in the house. Will replacing the bus bar cure this or should I look elsewhere?

Re: Burning Breakers

There was a lot of problems with old Federal Pacific panel boxes if yo have one of those replace the whole panel. If an improper breaker was installed, one not rated for this box, you may have burnt and pitted the buss. Buss replacement would be an option. Be sure to check the panel label to make sure the breakers are listed for use in this panel.

Re: Burning Breakers

Laughing............ What is "Electrical Jelly"?

Re: Burning Breakers
NEC wrote:

Laughing............ What is "Electrical Jelly"?

OX-Guard, maybe?
I too agree with replacing the panel if it is currently a FP unit.

Re: Burning Breakers

Dielectric grease maybe ?

Re: Burning Breakers

sounds to me like you have a loose connection between the breaker and bus bar. depeneding on what type of breakers you have, and how they clamp on the bus bar.try pressing the contact points on the breaker to make it a tighter or more snug fit on to the bus.

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