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burglar bars

Perhaps a bit of a strange question (and hopefully, i've picked the right area to post this in), but if i were to install burglar bars on just the windows on back side of a two-story house - bottom floor and upper floor -, will that cause any structural damage to the house? Like, will it cause the area around the windows on the second floor to sag or cause uneven stress to the back of the house?

Thank you kindly for your answer!

Re: burglar bars

Regular bars, the ones I think you refer to, bolted into studs, should not affect the structural integrity of a building.

Re: burglar bars

On the other hand, window bars are a death trap in case of fire.

Re: burglar bars

For habitable rooms, the burglar bars must be rated for egress window usage. These can be opened quickly from the inside but not the outside. Still, they will slow you down when that's the last thing you want to have happening. Local building codes may specify what is allowable or may prohibit them altogether. Another consideration is that when you make access harder for the bad guys in only part of a building they will simply go to the easier part and get in anyway. Sometimes this makes sense but usually if one part needs bars it all needs bars- just saying!

Like them or not, in many areas they're becoming more commonplace as crime rates rise and police patrols become fewer with tight department budgets. Installed correctly they make a good deterrent but they are only part of the security picture- you must think of the whole or you're wasting your time and money. I've lived in some pretty bad neighborhoods but if I ever felt compelled to have burglar bars I'd move to a better area- there are some things which nobody alone can fix!


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