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Bumper Crop

This summer, our vegetable garden has been producing a bumper crop. It's amazing that with zero rain fall, we've manged to produce any veggies at all.

- Tomatoes - we have so many, we give them away.
- Radishes - they can't wait to grow.
- Green Beans - doing great, we have a couple of species.
- Chives - great results.
- Green bell peppers - surprising results. We keep them longer on the plants and pick them when turn red, for more vitamin C.
- Green onions - doing great.
- Sunflowers - beautiful plants.

However, we failed with carrots (can't grow) and Xin Cai (shin tzai - Chinese lettuce Choi - eaten by earwigs).
We had a problem with earwigs in April-May, until we started the beer treatment: we placed beer in bowls and watched the earwigs kill themselves trying to get drunk. Then they disappeared in June- july.

Our garden is my wife's territory. I just do the manual work...

Re: Bumper Crop

After many years of failed attempts at veggie gardening we have sadly some to the realization there isn't enough sun, or something to grow plants in our yard. The lawn limps along each summer, barely holding its own.

The tree in the front yard is the 9th largest Pecan in the county. The one one the rear is the 15th. We wear hard hats most of the spring.

Re: Bumper Crop

Send them extra mater's to me- us southerners know what to do with 'em!

Though I don't have a garden, we've had the opposite- over a month of drenching rains- and some bottomland crops arouind here have darn near drowned.

Plants sometimes do their best in somewhat adverse conditions where they have to fight to stay alive and prosper. Whatever your watering formula has been I'd say that the results speak for themselves; if this is a better than usual crop you may have always been overwatering. Tomatos tend to prefer dry over wet within reason, same for green beans. I don't know about the rest, just enjoy the good eating!


Re: Bumper Crop

Carrots seem to like really loose, sandy soil. If you've got clay or rocks, next year try getting some potting soil to plant the carrots. You will likely need to water them more, since well-drained soil tends to dry out quickly.

A couple of years ago we had some carrots that grew to about a pound and a half each.

Re: Bumper Crop

The deer homed in on my tomatoes & peppers this year. As a result my harvest is pitiful.
The odd & good thing is they have ignored all the ornamentals in the yard.
I need to get a fence araound the garden for next year.

Re: Bumper Crop

Fencepost - thanks for the tip, I'm going to try it soon. We love carrots.

Ed21 - a fence will keep the deer away, but may not be enough for the birds. They keep coming to the sunflowers (we put plastic bags on them). They even like to poke the most beautiful tomatoes, so we pick them a bit early now.

Phil - we don't deliver... you need to come over here and get your share...

Houston - how about some tomatoes for pecans? how can we barter?

Re: Bumper Crop

I would agree about the loose soil for carrots. A friend of mine tried to grow some last year in pots, but he packed the dirt too much and the carrots came out as small round spheres instead of long carrot shapes. They just didn't have enough space to spread out. Congrats on your bumper crop!

Re: Bumper Crop

We had a bumper crop of pecans this spring. We could shovel them off the sidewalk.

When we gave some to a friend, "What?? They aren't shelled?"

Pecans are light and ship easily. I'd be happy to mail out some next spring.

Re: Bumper Crop

I got a bumper crop of weeds this year. It started out good, had my fill of artichokes this year. Had a fair amount of asparagus. I'm getting plenty of summer squash, yellow straight neck and Zucchini. I have been getting more sweet 100 tomatoes than I can possibly eat, I love to just grab a few for a snack when I am in he garden. I am finally getting a few Brandywine and Amish Paste tomatoes, but those plants are fussy and don't produce much, but they sure are good.

I took a little vacation this summer, hit a bunch of the National Parks. when I got home, the corn had ripened and then started spoiling, I only got one ear. The squash plants were hidden in the Johnson grass which may have been a good thing as there were squash bugs roaming all over the garden, but none on the squash plants, go figure.

We have had a cool wet summer here so the figs aren't any good this year. They are full of water which gives them a bad taste, and many mold before they get fully ripe. Too bad, I love figs, as do the hummingbirds around here. The apples are a loss this year too, but the pears are looking good.

Re: Bumper Crop

There are so many varieties of tomatoes. I've read someplace, over 800 kinds.

We have Cherry tomatoes, Roma, Early girl and Beefstake. The Cherry tomatoes are the best.

Our squash plants started to flower, They're spread all over the place. This morning I counted 30 flowers.

The green beans that we got are a foot long (I think it's a Chinese variety). They are excellent.

To scare the birds, I installed a fake owl with a rotating head. The smart birds found out it was fake in one day. I wonder if I can get my money back...

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