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Bump out insulation

Hi everyone,

We are looking for some advice as to how to repair and insulate our bump out window in our 1860's antique New Englander. We have lived here for 3 years now and it has always been an issue but this morning we had a burst heating pipe and we need to do something about it!

The bump out sticks out over the fieldstone foundation. The basement is a crawlspace which we had insulated with sprayfoam a couple of years back. The living room floor extends out into the bump out, and then there is the sub floor, and then the outside! The lattice that you can see in the photo has nothing behind it. So the area where the living room sticks out has nothing other than the hardwood floor and subfloor between the living space and the outdoors. The baseboard heat runs through this area beneath a built in cabinet and it was insulated up to this point with some crappy fiberglass and some sort of old styrofoam. Well, this morning one of the joints in there burst and water was everywhere. We'd like to rip out the cabinet, re-insulate the walls and sheetrock it, and install new proper baseboard heaters around the base of the bump out. It needs to be air tight and also needs insulation on the floor. What are our options?

There is also space between the hardwood floor and the studs. How do we cover or take up this space? Do we extend the studs to create more space for a higher wall R value? Nothing on the inside here is original, so we can do what we need to do!

Thanks in advance!!

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