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Built-in dishwasher with no cabinets?

I don't have a dishwasher and want to install one but don't want to remove an existing cabinet. I also don't want to use a portable dishwasher. Can a little cabinet with a countertop be built just to put a dishwasher in? I have room in the kitchen just for the dishwasher.

Re: Built-in dishwasher with no cabinets?

A dishwasher needs to have access to the the plumbing. Depending on the model and manufacturer this can vary a little from 3 to 5 feet from the drain. Also for convience it should be near the area where the dishes go when unloading.

So what you are proposing to place it in a seperate spot , will it have access to plumbing ?
You might need to make a compromise if you want a dishwasher.
With your idea is there a hot water supply and a drain that's accesable within the 3 to 5 foot distance? If not then you need to do some plumbing.
You could consider removing a cabinet and install the diswasher in it's place, close to the plumbing.
Take that cabinet and move it where you wanted to place the diswasher , place a top on it and you haven't lost anything.

The electrical hookup will need to be done regardless which location.

Re: Built-in dishwasher with no cabinets?
YukYuk wrote:

Sure, but why? A dishwasher end return panel (is usually 3"+ wide, 24" deep,and has a toe kick front may or may not be cabinet finished on the side, some require an end panel skin to be installed) on one end (or both sides), back wall support ledger for countertop and inside the end panel on the wall,and adding on to existing cabinetry/countertop or abutting to a corner wall (with ledger bracing for countertop) or a narrow profile cabinet (like a tray cabinet) or a bookshelf, etc. can also be done for about a 28-30" of wall. Unless you're looking to do an elevated installation, then you can mount on a bridge or drawer cabinet. The usual issue is what is behind and on either side of the dishwasher, and the drain hose/line.

Another option is an apartment sized dishwashwer. Sometimes these are already set up for installation, sometimes you purchase an 18" wide portable and an installation kit, has frame modifications, connection modification parts, and you remove the wheels and install leveling feet/legs in their place (sometimes also removing the side and rear case panels).

Its a little unclear what you're looking to do. It might be clearer if you diagramed the kitchen and/or gave a better "word picture" and the measurements of the space you're looking to place the dishwasher.

Hope that helps.

Don't forget the plumbing

Re: Built-in dishwasher with no cabinets?

Below is a link to pictures of the house. The kitchen is the last picture. You can see that there is really no more room to add more cabinet space. Just out of the picture by the fridge is the door and a hallway starts just by the stove. I don't want to loose the cabinet space so how can I add a built in dishwasher? I don't want a portable one because if I want to resale I'll want the dishwasher built in to add to the appeal of the place. So what's my best bet? Thanks so much.


Re: Built-in dishwasher with no cabinets?

Link didn't work.

Anyway my sister considered putting her dishwasher in a little "nook" between the kitchen and entry hall. No cabinets and we were going to fabricate a countertop. As others have mentioned you just need a hot water line, a dedicated (preferably) 120V line and access to a drain line somewhere nearby.

My dishwasher does NOT drain into my sink nor a garbage disposal (they keep plumbers busy) it runs right through the floor via 3/4" heavy duty drain hose to it's own trap and then into one of the main DWV lines. Sure it probably isn't "code" but codes are just guidelines established by insurance companies, I can guarantee my installation is done much better than many I've seen in new homes.

Re: Built-in dishwasher with no cabinets?

I had the same situation in my modular ranch. What I did was move the refrigerator at the end of the row of base cabinets down a few feet. Then, we replaced the countertop with one that was long-enough (a laminate countertop) to extend over the location for the dishwasher and up to the refrigerator. The end of the countertop was supported by a 2x3 "wall" covered on the outside and front with 1/8" luan plywood stained to match the cabinets. The dishwasher fits right in the opening that was created, and is plumbed into the basement where it gets hot water directly from a shutoff valve I installed for it (It is connected with a stainless-steel braided water line much like those used for clothes washers). The drain goes directly into the drain for the clothes washer (mine is right below and has its own p-trap) and I was able to use the duplex outlet that serves the refrigerator to power the dishwasher. 8 years running and no problems. Total cost, including the dishwasher, wood, new countertop, etc. was about $900 and I didn't lose any cabinet space.

Good luck.

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