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Building windowboxes--materials help

I would like to build a long windowbox. It will be about 8 feet long and 8 inches high.

My plan is to use 1x8x10 treated pine, cut to size, to make the box. Then attach it with several (four?) steel L-brackets and screws.

I have four 24-inch windowbox inserts I'll be using for the actual plants; this way I will be able to use less soil and reduce the overall weight of such a large windobox.

Does this sound like a good plan?

Thanks very much.

Re: Building windowboxes--materials help

Yes, my only suggestion would be to use PVC as pine tends to rot, however if you are staining it or sealing it, should be ok. Make sure to leave a space (1/2") between the house and window box so water can escape and not get trapped.

After you predrill the holes for your screws, fill with caulk before you screw them in. Also, make sure to use stainless steel screws so they don't rust.

Re: Building windowboxes--materials help

Thanks! Yes, I'm going to seal them, but I'm always open to/interested in learning about other options, especially if they're lighter in weight. When you say PVC, do you mean MDO or something?


Re: Building windowboxes--materials help

No, most box stores now sell sheets of PVC that, once painted, look like wood. Azek is a brand sold at HD and most lumber yards and Lowe's has their brand - forget the name, but I have used both extensively and go to that whenever possible. These come in variable sizes and can be cut the same way wood is cut and nailed and screwed just like wood. Much lighter, easier to work with, and no maintenance.

Just a suggestion, if you already have the pine, I'm sure it will be fine, like I said make sure all areas are sealed or stained.

Re: Building windowboxes--materials help

this past season, ask this old house had tom silva build some window boxes. see if you can find the episode and that will give you some good tips. also, he'll show you how to mount them without unsightly L brackets.

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