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Building Stone Patio

I am a homemaker with no experience in this, we are building a stone patio. The contractor excavated the site and pored cement. There was no crushed stone or stone dust packed in. It rained the next day, the cement has a couple of small spots that held water longer than the rest of the area. Do we need to add more cement in those areas?

It is suggested not to use cement or sand to fill the joints and edge the patio. What should we use?

Your comments would be helpful and appreciated.

Re: Building Stone Patio

Not sure if I understand you but it sounds like you have a poured slab patio right now and you want to put stone on top of it. You also say that there are some low spots (commonly called "birdbaths") and all concrete slabs will have them. Usually they're not deep and the water evaporates pretty quickly.

If you're laying stone on top of the concrete, you can just etch the concrete with muriatic acid and then rinse it off with the hose. Once that's done, you can spread some grout or concrete mortar on the surface (at least 1/2") and then push the stone topping into it. Once that sets overnight, come back and fill the joints with grout and a sponge. You don't need to worry about the birdbaths or sealing the edges. Just make sure you fill the joints with grout at the edge and you'll be fine.

Good Luck.

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