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Builder-installed Landscaping

I recently purchased a new home, and the front yard was installed by the builder. It looks like the bare minimum... There are two Sissoo trees and four small ground cover shrubs. They installed a drip system with a timer. I have read that trees need a lot of water for the first 6-8 weeks, nearly every day. I have also heard that it is better to water every other day for longer to promote deep root growth. I am currently doing the latter, but is my ground cover being watered too much? It is a 1 zone system, and all the plant-life is watered at the same time/rate. Should I adjust my setup and how?

Re: Builder-installed Landscaping

You need to water the trees with a hose, be careful not to overwater.

Re: Builder-installed Landscaping

I don't think you are over watering. I would recommend you up the watering until September

Re: Builder-installed Landscaping

New trees do need lots of water until their roots spread out and take well. Don't forget a bit of fertilizer as well. I prefer to turn the hose on to a "barely trickle" and lay it on the ground near the tree. Allow it to remain until the ground is fairly wet, then move to the next tree. Watering very slowly this way allows the water to soak in deeply, eliminating runoff and encouraging deep root growth. Every few days should be sufficient, don't water again until the surface is dry.

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